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Healthy Trees, Plants, and Lawns
are our specialty.

It’s Fall! It’s Time!

Aeration is the first step to a healthy lawn!
Aeration... makes water, oxygen, and nutrients more available in the soil, and makes watering and irrigation systems more efficient.
Aeration... improves fertilizer uptake and reduces soil compaction (especially in high-activity clay soils).
Aeration... creates a stronger, more efficient root system, reduces water run-off and puddling, and improves thatch breakdown.
Fall is the time to Aerate! Call us today to schedule a time to invest in the health of your lawn.
And don't forget...
Fall is the time to fertilize your trees!
Keeping your trees healthy requires consistent attention to the nutrients they need to thrive. Let us help you determine the best blend for your particular trees! Call us today for an appointment!
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Tree Service

Is something ailing your trees?

Our services include everything you need for the proper planting, fertilizing, pruning/trimming, and removal of trees.
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Plant Health Care

We’re on the leading edge of Plant Health Care applications, including mulching, soil conditioning, fertilizing, and more!
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Lawn Care

We promote the long-lasting health of your lawn with professional fertilization and weed control, aeration, seeding, and pest management.
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Free Guide

Get your plants off to a good start on a long life with our helpful guide, “Healthy Trees, Plants, and Lawns.
This 16-page .pdf of tips may be viewed online or printed to take out "in the field."
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